Results Every Time You Talk

Over the past 20 years, Dan has delivered talks, conducted workshops, and consulted to over 200 clients from a variety of different industries.

3i International
Accenture Consulting
Anshen & Allen
Cannon Design
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
CMEA Capital
Colorado State University
Duke University, Fuqua School of Business
Estee Lauder
Foote, Cone & Belding
Forum for Women Entrepreneurs & Executives
Fremont Group
Hellman & Friedman
JMI Equity
Ketchum Communications
Lawrence Livermore Laboratories
Mellon Capital Management
MIT Sloan School of Management
Montgomery & Hansen Law Firm’s Startworks program
National Association of Business Communicators
Northern Trust Bank
Silicon Valley Bank
Standard Pacific Homes
Stanford Center on Longevity
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Sundt Construction
University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business
University of California, Los Angeles
University of San Francisco, Master’s in Investor Relations Program
Wallace, Roberts & Todd

Client Testimonials

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Anshen & Allen
CMEA Capital
University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business
Gerrity International LLC
Montgomery & Hansen LLP

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Situation: Communication and development executives wanted to help the incoming dean clarify ideas, energize messaging, and develop a more compelling delivery style as he gathered support for an ambitious fundraising campaign.

Result: Dan worked with the dean to develop a catalyzing message that would serve as a foundation for all of the school’s development activities. He also helped the dean and executives from the development team become more comfortable delivering the message as they met with important donor groups, media, and members of the dean’s Advisory Council. This highly-choreographed effort was integral to the business school raising $600 million dollars, significantly exceeding the initial fund-raising goal.

 “Dan’s consulting and coaching had a real impact on our success. With his help, our message became stronger, and I became more and more comfortable delivering it. The landscape at the Stanford Graduate School of Business is very different from when I arrived in 1999, and Dan genuinely helped make that a reality.”
-Bob Joss, former Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Business

Anshen & Allen

Situation:Anshen & Allen needed a more strategic approach to their interview process as they prepared to compete against other top architecture firms for large dollar-value projects.

Result: With Dan’s help, Anshen & Allen developed an internal process for developing interviews that were focused on their clients’ real project objectives rather than on selling design. Selection committee members responded positively to the more client-focused, conversational, less PowerPoint-driven experience.

 “Dan has real fans at Anshen & Allen…his insights and education helped us tremendously. He understands the psychology of people and demonstrates this awareness with everyone he talks to. Dan exemplifies what he teaches.”
-Jenifer Altenhoff, Director of Marketing

CMEA Capital

Situation: CMEA hired Dan because they knew they wanted to take a more strategically focused approach to their upcoming annual Limited Partner meeting.

Result: CMEA’s resulting Limited Partner meeting was markedly different from previous ones: more strategic, less data-oriented, and more engaging. Subsequently, Dan worked with all the partners on improving their individual communication presence and impact, and helped select partners prepare a communication strategy to raise capital for an upcoming venture fund. Partners at the firm continue to refer Dan to senior management from their portfolio companies.

 “When you are ready to hear the truth, you are ready for Dan Sapp.”
-Jim Watson, Managing General Partner

University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business

Situation: The Director of the Master’s in Financial Engineering Program hired Dan to provide her deeply intellectual and extremely technically-oriented students—most of whom already held advanced degrees in mathematics and related fields—with an opportunity to understand how to communicate strategically in a variety of different contexts.

Result: Dan used a series of classroom discussions, lectures, and hands-on exercises to lead the students to a more empathetic, less data-driven approach to communicating technical ideas in important meetings and interviews. With Dan’s focus on the importance of making genuine connections with others, he helped students increase their ability to have real impact on people through strategic choices with both ideas and physical choices. By challenging a longstanding over-reliance on sheer intellect, Dan gave these students a powerful set of tools for differentiating themselves and their ideas.

“For people who deal almost exclusively with information, realizing that it’s not actually information that constitutes successful communication, was a revelation.”
-Linda Kreitzman, Director, Master’s in Financial Engineering Program

Gerrity International LLC

Situation: When John Heywood joined Ernst and Young (EY) from Lend Lease, it was critical that he move quickly in order to achieve his objective of rising in a major “Big 4″ consulting firm.

Result: Dan served as a strategic advisor in guiding John as he developed a series of career objectives. This relationship proved to be instrumental in John’s rise to partner in EY’s real-estate advisory practice in a very short period. Today, John is the COO of Gerrity International, a major international real estate investment and advisory firm which operates in the US and Asia.

 “I hired Dan because he was the elite ‘athlete’ that I aspired to be, but ultimately he made me be who I wanted to be.”
-John Heywood, Chief Operating Officer

Montgomery & Hansen LLP

Situation: John Montgomery invited Dan into his firm to give a lecture to early stage entrepreneurs on the skills they needed for securing venture capital.

Result: Dan led participants through a process that challenged their preconceived ideas about what made a good “venture pitch.” Participants left with a more strategic approach to business communication and to developing relationships with important business partners, as well as greater confidence about how to describe the core value of each of their businesses to different audiences.

 “Dan is an activation agent. He’s a refreshing reminder that we need to connect person to person, heart to heart, with one another. It’s basic stuff, but in this email-centric age, people have forgotten how to interact with each other as human beings. Dan models a person who is authentically connected with himself. This facilitates his clients’ ability to connect with themselves. The results are more authentic ties with others and better results.
-John Montgomery, Founding Partner