Results Every Time You Talk

Dan Sapp,
President & Founder

Dan Sapp has been a thought leader in the business communications field for over 20 years. With a Masters Degree in Clinical and Sport Psychology, Dan offers a unique perspective on what is required to move people to action and drive business results.

Dan’s management consulting career started in London where he worked as an organizational development consultant. As part of the team that helped merge the cultures of United Distillers with the Guinness Group PLC, Dan gained valuable insights into the impact that leadership communication has on brand value, culture, and organizational effectiveness.

Returning to the US market, Sapp worked at Speakeasy, a national training firm, teaching communication effectiveness skills to managers and executives at Coke, UPS, Anderson Consulting, Cox Cable, Microsoft, and other prominent national and international organizations. Dan also worked with corporate executives, age-group athletes, and an Olympic gold medalist as a pioneering fitness and conditioning coach.

In the business world, Dan uses his performance-oriented approach to help leaders leverage communication as a powerful strategic tool for developing relationships and creating value for organizations. In 1997, he founded Dan Sapp Inc., and quickly gained a reputation for helping business leaders and executives brand their leadership through strategic communication.


Speeches don’t connect us. Presentations simply move information from one place to another. Standard PowerPoint presentations are a prescription for looking and sounding like everyone who has gone before you. But, when you choose to talk to people—really choose to reach out and connect—you have the power to change them. Creating change in people, projects, and organizations is what leadership communication is all about.

If you are going to succeed as a business communicator, the people you talk to have to respond the way you want them to, every time you talk. There’s always some change or “delta” you are trying to achieve. Clarifying that single, observable, measurable delta is what allows you to create influence. Dan Sapp’s “Delta Model” starts with the result you want from others.

Everything you say, everything you show, and everything you do must be driven by the result you want and the needs and reality of the people you talk to.

Dan’s approach to strategic business communication is based on two core concepts:

Connecting with ideas
Everything you say must be driven by the result you want and the needs of the people you talk to. The confluence of these two drivers defines your core “message” and supporting ideas. Dan helps you select and develop the ideas others must hear in order to be open to a connection and change.

Connecting with your body
We are “hard-wired” to respond to people who express authenticity, authority, genuine commitment, and are will willing to work to make a connection. The choices you make with your body and voice determine whether you express these qualities or not. Dan helps you make choices with your body and voice that allow you to connect and drive results.

Influence—the ability to move others to the response you want—depends on integrating and mastering these two separate but related skill-sets. Dan helps clients:

• Connect
• Influence others
• Get results

Every time you talk, you have an opportunity to move your business forward and to brand your leadership. When you connect on purpose—with ideas, and with everything about who you are—you move relationships forward, create influence, and drive the bottom line.